Alex Zabotto-Bentley founded AZBCreative in 2007. From his beginnings as a stylist and fashion designer to his international career as a multi-awarded interior designer, Alex’s philosophy has been “imagination without limits.” As a visualist and creative director, Alex is known for a layered, detailed approach to design and for creating compelling spaces. A natural story-teller, his immersive events and lush, detailed interiors invite further exploration and evoke unforgettable moments. These are spaces that immediately resonate, though you’re not immediately sure why. Slowly, peeling back the layers, you discover a wealth of influences and ideas, at once familiar and brand new. His projects are diverse but united by a passion for craftsmanship and a sense of history.

For Alex, inspiration comes from everywhere, including his Italian heritage, his background in art, science and design history, and frequent travels. From the smallest detail – a fragment of an Etruscan tile or the colours in a vintage postcard – to a whole social movement – the lifestyle and culture of a country –  ideas and concepts for projects are forged through experience and discovery. With a diverse cultural background and a global network of clients and contacts, he works without boundaries. Constantly on the move hunting and gathering objects and experiences, Alex’s work isn’t tied to a movement or style, but the user experience is always at the centre of his work. As he says, “I want to take people on a journey…to weave stories with material, texture and detail; but the end user adds the essential element that brings the story to life. Without people, it’s just a beautiful space.” Outspoken against lazy, cookie cutter design, Alex’s views on design have been featured in interviews and essays for publications including Vogue Living, Belle, Elle Décor, Domaine and the Huffington Post.

At AZBcreative, his creative agency with a roster of international clients, Alex leads a team of industry specialists focusing on Interior Design, Event Design and Style Direction. The AZB aesthetic evolves constantly, never dictated by trends or expectations. Alex encourages the team to explore their own interests, bringing rich new influences and innovations to every project. Although they have received numerous international accolades for event and interior designs, Alex and the team are far from complacent. Stay curious, keep learning. With restless energy and the compulsion to create, there’s no such thing as a holiday “doing nothing,” for Alex. Every new connection is a potential collaborator; every paper napkin has the promise of a new concept. Design is life.

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