Let Friday Surprise You – Veuve Clicquot


 Veuve Fridays: March into Merivale

We worked closely with Merivale and Veuve Clicquot, to ensure Friday nights became the best night of the week during MiM. An exciting series of pop up “Friday Surprise” events at Merivale venues banished boring after work drinks. Each night had a different theme, so we created immersive spaces with custom decorations, furnishings and hand painted flowers. We used Veuve’s signature yellow to tie all the design elements together.

Remember, once the clock strikes five, anything could happen!  THE VERY BEST OF FRIDAY SURPRISE


We took our guests ‘through the looking glass’, at Establishment, with an amazing, trippy Alice in Wonderland theme, with custom bunting, Veuve mirrors, umbrella installations, bar staff in rabbit masks and ears and roving performers. To build a sense of entering a fantasy world, we created a huge, inflatable “rabbit hole” to enter the area, and added giant inflatable toadstools and a gorgeous hanging installation of oversized playing cards. Just like Alice, we all felt like we had shrunk. We dressed our talented performers in costumes inspired by Lewis Carroll’s beloved story: a Veuve yellow “Queen of Hearts” with a custom made Champagne scepter, a tap dancing Mad Hatter who showed off his skills on the bar top, a pair of Harajuku style rabbit girls with parasols, hula hoop artists, stilt walking rabbit waiters and even a Flamingo ballerina. The fantastical atmosphere was a huge hit on social media and the working week was truly forgotten. LINK TO VIDEO


As the sun set on another work week, The Ivy’s Pool Club became an underwater fantasy, complete with mermaids, lifesavers, retro balloon dancers and a synchronised routine worthy of an Esther Williams spectacular. One-part kitsch, to two parts fabulous; it was the perfect cocktail to end a sultry summer day. We used that fab Veuve yellow – which contrasted beautifully with the blue pool – as a design feature on custom painted claw foot bathtubs (for the mermaids, of course!), long boards, suits for our stilt walking waiters, festive bunting, swimsuits and even the mermaids’ wigs. A gorgeous chanteuse in a sparkling gold dress and crown sang Sia’s “Chandelier”, as the synchronised swimmers moved in perfect harmony. As the evening progressed, things got crazier: dancers burst their helium balloons to release glitter, the lifesavers jumped in the pool, and the mermaids flapped their tails and squirted silly string over the revellers. It was a night to really paint the town yellow. LINK TO VIDEO


No need to be scared; on Friday the 13th, we celebrated with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme at the Slip Inn. We used the hot, Mexican colour palette of Frida Kahlo to transform the space into a fiery fiesta. We dressed the space with signature Veuve mirrors, festive bunting, paper skeletons and masks, a 1.5m tower of Champagne flutes and even a Veuve bottle shaped piñata.  The bar staff got into the mood with skull makeup and custom headdresses. We had face painters to help our guests get in the freaky Friday mood, dancers in traditional costumes and spooky skull makeup, a ghostly tango pair, and an authentic Mariachi band. Performers in UV skeleton costumes rushed through the crowd, spooking and surprising, creating an exciting mood. Later, they did their own amazing black light dance routine. As everyone filled up on El Loco’s delicious tacos and Champagne, grooved along to the sounds of Mexico and forgot their worries, this “Black Friday” was declared the luckiest day of the year. LINK TO VIDEO


We conjured a little piece of Rio at Palings for a Friday night Carnivale celebration. The Brazilian samba music was infectious, drawing the revellers into another world. We hung huge custom Veuve flags from the upper balconies to set the scene for our death-defying aerialists in their striking Veuve yellow leotards. At ground level, a Capoeira drumming band in signature yellow sashes and bandanas beat Brazilian rhythms as their dancers flipped and tumbled. Masked stilt walkers in vivid yellow costumes handed out carnival beads and whistles, as samba dancers in custom black feather and sequin costumes (complete with amazing Champagne flute headdresses), shimmied and sambaed along a catwalk high above the crowd. Once dancer, magnificent in gold, wowed with her massive feathery wings. Not to be left out, the bar staff also got into the Latin theme, with Carnivale masks and floral headdresses worthy of Carmen Miranda. As the rhythm of the night continued and the Veuve flowed, we could have sambaed right into Sunday.


We gave the Beresford an exotic makeover, transforming the popular courtyard into an Amazon jungle. The gorgeous yellow bunting and huge market umbrellas stood out like exotic South American blooms, interspersed with jungle props: hand painted yellow leaves to form jungle vignettes, Veuve inscribed mirrors, a vine covered swing for any brave Jungle Boys or girls, a ceramic cheetah lazing on the bar, piles of oversized Veuve cushions. There were touches of theatre inspired by Grace Jones’ performances and old Tarzan movies…a dancer in leopard body paint carried in a cage by four muscular men; more dancers painted like exotic animals, a fire twirler, drummers, and even a bird of paradise dancer in her gilded cage. The Beresford bar staff also got into the Amazon spirit, with exotic face painting. The evening’s finale featured dancers in huge 3m wide neon wings. Roar! LINK TO VIDEO